MiliGirls Fantasy FAQ

1.Q: How to save the game's progress?
A: The progress is saved automatically.
Just close the browser if you want to exit the game.

2.Q: How to get a Miligirl?
A: Sources are:
① Summons
② Fusion
③ Conquest
④ Login rewards
⑤ Events

3.Q: Where can I play MiliGirls Fantasy?
A: The game is available on both PC and mobile devices.
Press PLAY NOW and fight!

4.Q: What are "Miligirls"?
A: Miligirls are the fully armed warrioresses in the world of Parallel universe, each Miligirl carrying a classic World War Ⅱ weapon.
Unfortunately, the Thunder Army invaded their land and stole their hearts.
Commander, defeat the Army and rescue all the Miligirls!

5.Q: Is MiliGirls Fantasy free to play?
A: It is free with in-game purchases.